Navigating video: Monetization, brand safety and data-driven strategies in a post-cookie world

As the industry reacts to the eradication of third-party cookies for targeting, the appetite for first-party data increases. This puts publishers in a strong position — provided they have sufficient access to audience data and analytics on engagement, shares and views for video. When they do, they can monetize that resource, providing brands with the right audience and a trusted environment in which to invest.  To identify the challenges brands, publishers and creators have to resolve in order to take advantage of data-driven video strategies, we surveyed the Digiday audience to find out their plans, tactics and solutions.

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  • The current state of video, including publisher and advertiser views 
  • Challenges and blockers to investing in video  
  • The value of differentiated video formats 
  • Contextual advertising and its role after third-party cookies disappear