Marketers are leveraging quality gameplay for premium ad experiences

When it comes to gaming, especially premium titles, most people think of console and PC games, with mobile a distant third. 

However, with the mobile gaming audience being significantly larger than the PC and console audience combined — accounting for 90.6% of the world’s 3 billion gamers and 53% of the annual global gaming industry revenue (Newzoo, July 2022) — marketers are increasingly realizing the importance of mobile games as a place to share their messaging and engage consumers. 

Moreover, marketers recognize that mobile games provide premium environments for advertising. As they analyze how gamers define a premium game in tandem with how advertisers characterize and activate premium advertising, marketing teams are increasingly identifying successful in-game ad placements that create high-value experiences that drive revenue just like they would in every premium advertising channel.  

Download Activision Blizzard’s new guide to learn:

  • The defining characteristics of a premium gaming experience 
  • How platforms and genres factor into premium gaming 
  • How gamers and advertisers define in-game premium advertising 
  • Identifying premium partners to deliver the ultimate gaming experience

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Marketers are leveraging quality gameplay for premium ad experiences
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