WTF is native advertising in email? 

As consumer behaviors and expectations evolve, advertisers and marketers must remain agile and adopt new formats and mediums for communicating and engaging with target audiences. 

One method that’s proving effective in capturing consumer attention and driving action is native ads. When paired with email newsletters, they are able to deliver integrated ad experiences that match the form and function of the interest-based content that readers are subscribing to. While native ads were previously limited in their usage to things such as web, social, in-app and video usage, innovative solutions have allowed their use to become widespread and much easier to implement. 

In this WTF guide, Digiday and LiveIntent unpack the ways native advertising is now driving results for email marketers. With help from experts, the report highlights how publishers can benefit from offering native advertising in their email newsletters while also touching on how advertisers can use the medium to bolster their strategic efforts this year, next and beyond. 

Download this guide from LiveIntent to learn: 

  • How native ads work and what they look like
  • How to set up native ads within newsletters
  • The benefits publishers capture by offering native ads (and the skillsets required) 
  • How to strike a balance between native ads and editorial content 
  • Why publishers are using native ads in their own marketing campaigns

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WTF is native advertising in email?