‘Layers on layers’: How excessive review and confusing technology are undermining creative production

Marketers live and die by the creative assets they produce — the images, videos and other rich media files that bring their campaigns to life. Not surprisingly, an immense amount of technology, innovation and organizational restructuring has been poured into making creative production easier and more efficient. Or at least, that’s been the goal.

Digiday and OpenText Hightail surveyed about 200 marketers from brands, agencies and publishers for this report. A shocking 80 percent of marketers said they were dissatisfied with their companies’ current processes for creative asset production and review. Overwhelmingly, they said that excessive rounds of creative review and confusing uses of technology were undermining their work.

But what needs to change?

By downloading this report, you’ll learn:


  • Why extensive review processes can impact budgets, deadlines and creative quality
  • How to simplify the use of technology to prevent it from complicating collaboration
  • The perspectives of four agency executives working in creative production 


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