Insights to get ahead of BFCM planning

Year after year, the Black Friday Cyber Monday season is rich with opportunities for brands to reach shoppers ready to buy, especially when they prepare properly — and early enough. 

However, while BFCM is reliably a time of increased shopping, consumer behavior isn’t as predictable. The more brands understand their current and potential customers, the better they can plan strategies, communication and deals for BFCM. 

Zeropark’s new guide to BFCM marketing dives into steps brands can take to understand how consumers plan to shop this holiday season and how to plan successful Black Friday Cyber Monday campaigns ahead of the rush.

Download the report to learn more about: 

  • The modern consumer shopping journey
  • The best channels to engage with during BFCM
  • What messaging resonates during this time of year
  • The technologies that help brands succeed with their holiday campaigns

Sponsored by: Zeropark

Insights to get ahead of BFCM planning
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