How health and wellness audiences are driving market-leading trends

Food and nutrition content has boomed, and curious consumers are flocking to the media and platforms they can trust to decide on the right products for their own well being. This on-demand webinar unveils six trend predictions on how food and nutrition will be approached differently in the new year and beyond.  

Digiday and Healthline Media joined up for conversations with a sharp focus on innovation and of-the-moment insights featuring Erin Petersen, editor in chief and Adda Bjarnadottir, nutrition content integrity manager at, plus Madeline Rotman, head of sustainability at Imperfect Foods; John Occhipinti, CEO at NatureBox; Joe Quenqua, Chief Communication Officer at WW; and Chef Jess Swift from Chef Jess, a leader in the meal-prep sector. For media buyers, planners and brands, these conversations highlight future-forward trends as well as innovative players and products in the burgeoning health and wellness sector.

Watch this on-demand panel to learn more about:

  • Shifting behaviors in consuming health and wellness content and related trends emerging in the food and nutrition space
  • What our expert panel sees, how they’re adapting their marketing plans to engage with this audience and ways they describe and define them
  • Vital approaches to connecting with consumers who are curious about health and wellness topics — especially when they’re personalized and contextually matched