How five engagement trends in 2021 are changing publisher’s plans for 2022

For publishers throughout 2021, audience behavior has slowly returned to pre-pandemic levels. Even as outside traffic continues to flow in through search and social channels, pre-2020 levels are becoming the norm once again. 

To sustain the competitive edge that mid-quarantine audience traffic brought to their pages, publishers will need to lean into content choices, leverage new traffic sources and revisit critical metrics, such as scroll depth, for deeper engagement insights.  

In five charts focusing on 2021 audiences, this new infographic highlights essential changes in reader behavior, outside traffic, social strategies and more that publishers must consider if they want to sustain successful engagement in 2022. Download it to learn:

  • Key factors contributing to a decline in reader engagement 
  • Where the audience traffic is now, and how to capitalize on it
  • How to identify the traffic coming in from private channels and why it’s essential to find it
  • What metrics can help unlock new audience insights in 2022

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