How brands are reshaping the subscription economy

The subscription market is booming, fueled by consumers’ thirst for content, convenience and innovative products and services. At the same time, consumers are also overwhelmed by the sheer volume and fragmentation of digital products and services to which they can subscribe.

According to a recent Bango survey, 62% of consumers would sign up for more subscription services if they were easier to manage, and 78% would like to manage all their subscriptions on a single platform. In response to this growing consumer demand, brands are increasingly adopting super bundling to solidify brand loyalty and fuel customer acquisition. As defined by Bango, super bundling revolves around bringing together dozens of subscription services managed through — and paid for — a single content hub.

In this new guide, Bango explores how subscription-based businesses and content providers across sectors — including television streamers, sports streamers, gaming and health platforms, and more — benefit from making their services available through super bundling hubs.

Download Bango’s super bundling guide to learn more about:

  • How super bundling is fueling customer growth as an acquisition channel
  • Which companies are most trusted to deliver super bundling hubs
  • How creative bundling elevates brand value and customer experience

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How brands are reshaping the subscription economy
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