How brands are activating first-party data to grow e-commerce revenue

Personalization is about more than using a customer’s name in an email. The tactic has evolved to encompass precisely timed marketing messages or on-site experiences that map back to where shoppers are in their unique customer journey.

To build more innovative, more individually relevant digital relationships, brands are activating customer data across all their touch points — connecting with consumers in the channels they prefer, using first-party data and experiences across other platforms. For savvy brands, creating a seamless, cross-channel experience improves customer relationships and maximizes ROI.

In this new guide from Klaviyo, learn how major brands are activating first-party data to more efficiently acquire and retain customers — from using behavioral data to capture site sign-ups to capturing in-person data that boosts online sales and in between.

Download the report to learn more about:

  • Why brands are consolidating tech stacks to provide shoppers with relevant experiences
  • How brands are tapping into new channels and lookalike audiences to grow revenue
  • Ways marketing automations reduce team lift while enhancing relevancy
  • Insights from Dagne Dover, AriZona Beverage Co., Compass Coffee, Andie Swim and more

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How brands are activating first-party data to grow e-commerce revenue
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