Guide: WTF is post-omnichannel marketing?

As marketing and advertising approaches expand and evolve, brands have embraced omnichannel strategies to ensure seamless customer experiences across channels and devices.

However, the lines between channels, screens and environments are blurring, moving into new spaces, including walled garden platforms, with the influence of any given space fluid and ever-changing. These trends have led to what brands are calling the post-omnichannel era.

To help brands move beyond traditional omnichannel approaches in a rapidly changing digital world, in this WTF guide, Digiday and Infillion unpack what post-omnichannel means, what that world’s like for brands and consumers, and how to create campaigns that enhance the consumer experience amid constantly shifting behaviors and trends.

Download this guide to learn: 

  • Why omnichannel marketing is evolving into a post-omnichannel mindset
  • How a post-omnichannel approach addresses critical marketing hurdles
  • How advertisers are making the transition to post-omnichannel campaigns
  • How marketing teams are solving post-omnichannel challenges

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Guide: WTF is post-omnichannel marketing?
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