Guide: WTF is CTV incrementality?

The evolution of streaming technologies has accelerated consumer adoption of connected TV. As that process accelerates,, advertisers have begun adopting CTV as a growth channel to make the most of its reach capabilities.

At the same time, these advertisers are seeking inventive ways to measure the added conversions and revenue they generate beyond what they would have produced with their pre-existing paid and organic marketing. CTV marketers have begun using incrementality reporting to measure performance, compare outcomes and generate insights.

In this new WTF guide, Digiday and MNTN look at how advertisers are using incrementality to understand their CTV campaigns’ true impact, unpacking the measurement tactics being employed and analyzing how they can help brands analyze lift and contribution.

Download this guide to learn: 

  • How marketers are defining CTV incrementality
  • Why CTV marketers should care about incrementality testing
  • How marketers determine what CTV elements need to be tested  
  • What incrementality features marketers should look for in a CTV platform

Sponsored by: MNTN

Guide: WTF is CTV incrementality?
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