Guide: WTF is contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising is making a comeback in the digital advertising ecosystem, as data deprecation forces marketing teams to adopt alternative, privacy-compliant targeting tactics to third-party cookies. Google Chrome’s delay of phasing out the trackers until 2023 gives marketers more time to understand how to use contextual targeting effectively to offer relevant ads to consumers. 

But what, exactly, is contextual advertising and why is it top of mind in the industry in 2021? This WTF guide answers the main questions around contextual advertising, from how it works and how technology has helped it advance, to what needs to happen in order for contextual targeting to become an effective replacement for third-party cookies. 

Download this guide to learn about:

  • The origins of contextual advertising and why it’s top of mind in the industry right now
  • Challenges to successful contextual targeting and how it compares to third-party cookies
  • How AI and machine learning have advanced contextual advertising
  • How contextual advertising works for video and social media campaigns
  • Essential practices for marketers to successfully deploy contextual targeting in the future

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