Guide: Using push notifications to drive publisher revenue and subscriptions

Now more than ever, publishers are struggling to retain audiences and grow revenue. As third-party cookies fade, publishers’ business models rely on distribution across major search and social platforms. Yet, if traffic doesn’t make it back to the publisher’s site, advertising and subscription revenue suffer.

Publishers are overlooking an obvious — and increasingly effective — solution: Mastery of browser-based push notifications. Push notifications are a cost-efficient way for publishers to control engagement and monetization strategies while honing personalized communication with audiences in an ad-free platform that they own.

For publishers ready to brush up on best practices, download this new guide and learn:

  • How to optimize push notification strategy for retention and revenue
  • How to craft messaging that engages users rather than annoying them
  • The most effective strategies for A/B message testing
  • How to create effective opt-in flows

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