Guide: How retailers and brands are rethinking newsletters for revenue

With the surge of e-commerce and the fall of the third-party cookie, the email newsletter has become a powerful channel for reaching people, collecting first-party data and an essential monetization tool for brands and retailers. 

As a driver for incremental revenue, the email newsletter starts from a particular position of strength — its ubiquity and the access it creates to recipients that are inherently opted-in and engaged. 

In this micro-report, second in a series of three from LiveIntent and Digiday, the spotlight is on the value of email newsletters. Featuring case examples from Groupon, General Mills and more, this report will also highlight successful tactics that brands and retailers are deploying to capture the positive outcomes from this monetization approach. 

Download this report to learn more about:

  • How to test price floors for competitive bidding
  • What advertisers are doing to segment audiences and improve targeting
  • Why email design is impacting revenue lift
  • Roles for block lists and allow lists in driving ROI

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