Guide: How brands are merging B2B and DTC sales

Today’s consumers are shopping online more than ever. Digital commerce increased 76 percent year over year in June 2020, according to Adobe’s Digital Economy Index. Many of those purchases were direct from manufacturers. As more B2B companies enter the direct-to-consumer market, a growing number of consumer-focused companies are also getting into B2B commerce. 

Whether adding B2B or D2C digital storefronts, companies now need a new set of commerce features that combine strong B2B and DTC capabilities. For many companies, hybrid B2B and D2C commerce platforms may be the answer. This guide will identify and explore the key  characteristics and functions of hybrid platforms.

Download this guide to learn:  

  • Why the lines between B2B and DTC are blurring
  • How hybrid platforms prevent the duplication of roles and efforts 
  • How to create common B2B and DTC content and design elements 
  • How companies can keep their product catalog within a single database