Transforming ad effectiveness measurement at the speed of change

As the accelerating pace of digital advertising impacts buyers and sellers of media, experts at Pandora and Oracle Data Cloud recently discussed cutting-edge techniques for accelerating measurement and viewing campaign results more quickly. 

Kevin Whitcher, vp and general manager of Moat Outcomes at Oracle Data Cloud, joined Keri Degroote, svp of sales, research and analytics at Pandora, for an insightful discussion about techniques for accelerating ad measurement, and why modern reporting demands far more than a PowerPoint summary. 

Offering direct insight into how ads influence outcomes — critical for brands looking to drive revenue and growth efficiently — they highlighted how swift campaign measurement can help brands ensure that every dollar spent demonstrates ROI, enabling optimization on the fly instead of after the fact. 

Download this new webinar recording to learn how brands and agencies can:

  • Accelerate the pace of learning and optimization
  • Embrace new standards of ad effectiveness measurement to improve targeting 
  • Leverage causal data to inform current and future strategies

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