CTV Trends in 2022

In this new study, Pixability highlights how brands can encounter content that is brand safe, but not brand suitable, even with platforms hard at work protecting their advertising space. 

Developed in collaboration with the Global Alliance for Responsible Media, this study illustrates how average marketers are using YouTube — a channel that is more than 99% brand safe according to GARM — but still finding about one-third of their campaign impressions to be near unsuitable material.

Marketers may not realize the difference between brand safety and suitability, or that the two are closely related to performance — and that all three are priorities for advertising campaigns.

Download this report to learn: 

  • How brand suitability is being redefined — and why it can’t be overlooked
  • How brand safety and suitability differ and how to outline guidelines for each
  • How being too prescriptive can harm advertisers’ scale and performance
  • Why expanding to adjacent, suitable channels increases performance while decreasing CPV

Sponsored by: Pixability