Advertisers, viewability and context: Prioritizing like publishers to achieve ROI

Discussions of “premium” publishers tend to center on content. But some publishers have concluded that the ROI potential of advertising against premium content isn’t an abstract value proposition. Instead, these publishers are serving up impressions only when audiences are engaged and ads are in view.  Now, the question is whether this publisher model will remain a niche practice. For engagement-based ad experiences to become a model for the industry, publishers will need to alter the way they sell advertising — and advertisers will need to shed their reliance on low-quality inventory.  This new micro-report explores how certain industry leaders are making these changes a reality. 

Download this guide to learn:

  • How publisher marketplaces can tie ad placements to engagement and viewability
  • Why premium publishers say viewability is still an immensely undervalued KPI
  • How publishers are ensuring contextual relevance post-cookies
  • How MediaNews Group, the New York Post and the National Review embraced engagement-based ad sales

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