Advertisers are using MAIDs to replace third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are going away, and mobile advertisers need other ways to target audiences. As a more precise alternative, many advertisers are starting to turn to Mobile Advertising IDs, aka MAIDs. Like cookies, MAIDs connect user activity back to an individual person. But advertisers are still learning how to use them to personalize customer experiences, amplify media reach, suppress certain ads and consolidate customer data.

In a new advertisers’ guide, you’ll learn:

  • How email opt-in files, mailing lists and other customer data can be factored into MAID-driven campaigns
  • How MAIDs can be used to prevent redundant ads from reaching already-converted customers
  • How advertisers can use MAIDs to consolidate CRM data and fashion an omnichannel targeting strategy to improve customer engagements

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