Advertisers are using AI to reach untapped audiences

As advertisers work to define, understand and more effectively engage with audiences, teams are increasingly turning to generative AI to assess how content is being consumed. 

From analyzing user-generated content to identifying themes, sentiment patterns and topics that resonate with target audiences across all content types, advertisers are leaning on generative AI to identify overlooked and untapped audiences and tailor campaigns that align with their interests.

Silverpush’s new guide highlights how successful advertisers are getting started with generative AI and how those that have incorporated the technology already are fine-tuning their AI strategies. 

Download the report to learn more about:

  • How advertisers are using generative AI to reach untapped audiences
  • How generative AI understands audience content consumption behavior
  • Mapping audience personas to contextual intelligence
  • How generative AI can replace — and surpass — manual approaches

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Advertisers are using AI to reach untapped audiences