A new era of advertising: Accessing and activating first-party data

Apply to join Digiday for an exclusive, invitation-only virtual workshop featuring a select group of 15 product leaders, sponsored by Permutive. 

The focus of the workshop, hosted by Jim Cooper, editor in chief at Digiday, on February 24 at 2 p.m. ET, will be putting a lens on the state of first-party data and third-party cookie depreciation — what will replace third-party cookies, what tools are browsers offering and a look at publisher first-party strategies. Joining the conversation will be Katie Millington, enterprise sales director at Permutive and Kristy Schafer, vice president of Americas at Permutive, and Jonathan Penn, senior vice president of Revenue at Livingly Media.

You and your peers are encouraged to contribute ideas, opinions and experiences during this event. Digiday and Permutive will provide lunch to your location during this event.