A complete guide to OTT header bidding

As programmatic OTT opportunities grow, streaming content creators and services are looking to optimize yield while still preserving a TV-like viewer experience. Fortunately, programmatic technology is evolving to meet the complex needs of marketers and publishers — and OTT header bidding is emerging as an effective option. 

Header bidding technology emerged from the world of desktop publisher advertising: Publishers would add a wrapper to the header section of their websites to send an ad request to multiple demand partners. But the intricacies of the OTT advertising landscape have added technical complexity to the process. In this new guide, you’ll learn tips and techniques for effectively adapting header bidding to OTT platforms.

Download this guide and learn:

  • A technical overview of how OTT header bidding works 
  • The benefits of OTT header bidding as compared to other OTT advertising tactics
  • How to evaluate potential publisher and technology partners
  • How to set brand safety controls

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