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The media world is undergoing a wholesale shift from manual processes to automated systems that strip out waste and inefficiency. The earliest instances of this shift caused ripples of fear of commodisation, unsafe environments and a depressing lack of art to go with the science of data-driven product placements. Now, the worldwide programmatic ad market is expected to reach $32 billion by 2017, according to Magna Global.

Digiday is hosting a one-day explainer course on April 30 in New York City to provide publishers with the tools necessary to thrive in this new environment. At WTF Programmatic, we will focus on how programmatic methods can be used to enhance creativity, and we will also examine the impediments to this, through a series of rapid-fire Hot Topics sessions. Digiday events and summits are known for their fast-paced sessions and commitment to direct conversation about the industry.

The WTF is Programmatic for Publishers event is the perfect platform to gain the knowledge required to lead educated conversations with clients about this growing technology and make programmatic work for you.

Leading publishers and industry experts cover the nuts and bolts of how programmatic works, what you need to know and why it matters. Sessions will cover RTB, ad exchanges, viewability (everyone’s favorite!), cross-device targeting, first party vs third party data and review the most talked about trends. Register today.
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