2021 Digiday Media Events

Virtual Events

Digiday Brand Summit LIVE, January 27-29
Future of Work Leadership Forum, February 4
Digiday Publishing Summit Worldwide LIVE, February 24-26
Digiday Media Buying Summit LIVE, March 10-12
Amazon U: Advertising Beyond Search, March 16
Glossy Modern Commerce Summit LIVE, March 24-26
Digiday Gaming Advertising Forum, April 8
Amazon U: Amazon Video Advertising, April 13
Modern Retail Summit LIVE, April 21-23
Future of Work Forum: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, April 28-29
Glossy Beauty Forum LIVE, May 4
Amazon U: Customer Retention Strategies, May 6
Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit LIVE, May 17-19
Digiday Business of TV Forum LIVE, May 20-21
Glossy Instagram Strategies LIVE, May 25
Glossy Fashion & Luxury Summit Worldwide LIVE, June 14-16
CMO Summit LIVE, presented by Digiday, Glossy & Modern Retail, July 19-20
Modern Retail Marketing Leaders Forum, July 21
Future of Work Forum: The Evolved Office, August 23-24
Digiday Gaming Advertising Forum: The Growing Pains of Gaming, September 15-16

In-Person Events

All in-person events will require proof of vaccination from COVID-19

Digiday Publisher Golf Outing, July 15 | New Jersey
Marketplace Strategies Forum, September 21 | New York, NY
Digiday Publishing Summit, September 27-29 | Miami, FL
Glossy Future of Fashion Summit, October 4-6, Miami, FL
Modern Retail Summit, October 12-14 | Rancho Mirage, CA
Digiday Media Buying Summit, October 18-20 | Miami, FL
Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit, November 8-10 | Miami, FL
Digiday Business of TV Forum, November 1 | New York, NY
Glossy Beauty Summit, November 14-16 | Rancho Mirage, CA

In-Person Dinners

Glossy Fashion Leaders Dinner, June 14, New York, NY
CMO Leaders Dinner, July 19, New York, NY
Publishing Leaders Dinner Europe, July
E-Commerce Leaders Dinner, September 22, New York, NY
Programmatic Marketing Leaders Dinner Europe,
Glossy NYFW Dinner,
September, New York, NY
Gaming Leaders Dinner Europe,