2021 Digiday Media Events

Virtual Events

Digiday Brand Summit LIVE, January 27-29
Future of Work Leadership Forum, February 4
Digiday Publishing Summit Worldwide LIVE, February 24-26
Digiday Media Buying Summit LIVE, March 10-12
Amazon U: Advertising Beyond Search, March 16
Glossy Modern Commerce Summit LIVE, March 24-26
Digiday Gaming Advertising Forum, April 8
Amazon U: Amazon Video Advertising, April 13
Modern Retail Summit LIVE, April 21-23
Future of Work Forum: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, April 28-29
Glossy Beauty Forum LIVE, May 4
Amazon U: Customer Retention Strategies, May 6
Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit LIVE, May 17-19
Digiday Business of TV Forum LIVE, May 20-21
Glossy Instagram Strategies LIVE, May 25
Glossy Fashion & Luxury Summit Worldwide LIVE, June 14-16
CMO Summit LIVE, presented by Digiday, Glossy & Modern Retail, July 19-20
Modern Retail Marketing Leaders Forum, July 21
Digiday Gaming Advertising Forum: The Growing Pains of Gaming, August 12-13
Future of Work Forum: The Evolved Office, August 23-24

In-Person Events

All in-person events will include virtual access

Digiday Publisher Golf Outing, July 15 | New Jersey
Future of Work Forum, August | New York, NY
Marketplace Strategies Forum, September | New York, NY
Digiday Publishing Summit, September 27-29 | Miami, FL
Glossy Future of Fashion Summit, October 4-6, Miami, FL
Modern Retail Summit, October 12-14 | Rancho Mirage, CA
Digiday Media Buying Summit, October 19-21 | Miami, FL
Digiday Publishing Summit Europe, October 25-27 | Barcelona, Spain
Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit, November 8-10 | Miami, FL
Digiday Business of TV Forum, November | New York, NY
Glossy Beauty Summit, November 14-16 | Rancho Mirage, CA

In-Person Dinners

Glossy Fashion Leaders Dinner, June 14, New York, NY
CMO Leaders Dinner, July 19, New York, NY
Publishing Leaders Dinner Europe, July
Programmatic Marketing Leaders Dinner Europe, September
Glossy NYFW Dinner, September, New York, NY
Gaming Leaders Dinner Europe, October