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Digiday is a media company and community for digital media marketing and advertising professionals. We focus on quality, not quantity, and honesty instead of spin. We cover the industry with an expertise, depth and tone you won’t find anywhere else. The Digiday team strives to produce the highest quality publications, conferences, and resources for our industry.

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2015 Editorial Calendar

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Ad Unit for Web_new


Agency Weekly Sponsorship
Rate:  $9,500
Digiday Daily + Agency/Platform Category Stories

Agency 1 + 2
Placement:                            Unit Size:
Daily eNL                                640 x 480 (1st inline)
Daily eNL                                640 x 480 (2nd inline)
Site                                           970 x 90 (leaderboard)
Mobile                                     300 x 250 (1st inline)
Site                                           300 x 600 (top right)
Mobile                                     300×250 (2nd inline)

120,000 Impressions


Brand Weekly Sponsorship
Rate:  $9,500
Brand eNL + Brand Category Stories

Brand 1 + 2
Placement:                            Unit Size:
Brand eNL                             640 x 480 (1st inline)
Brand eNL                             640 x 480 (2nd inline)
Site                                           970 x 90 (leaderboard)
Mobile                                     300 x 250 (1st inline)
Site                                           300 x 600 (top right)
Mobile                                     300 x 250 (2nd inline)

100,000 Impressions


Publishing Weekly Sponsorship

Rate:  $8,500
Publishing eNL + Publishing Category Stories

Publishing 1 + 2
Placement:                            Unit Size:
Publishing eNL                       640 x 480 (1st inline)
Publishing eNL                      640 x 480 (2nd inline)
Site                                           970 x 90 (leaderboard)
Mobile                                     300 x 250 (1st inline)
Site                                           300 x 600 (top right)
Mobile                                     300 x 250 (2nd inline)

90,000 Impressions


Digiday Editorial Series

Rate:  $15,000
Digiday Daily + Editorial Series Page + Series Article Page + Homepage

Placement:                            Unit Size:
Daily eNL                               640 x 480 (1st inline)
Daily eNL                               640 x 480 (2nd inline)
Site                                           300 x 250  (most shared) Series Article +
970 x 90 (leaderboard) +    300 x 600 + 300 x 250
3x Mobile                               300 x 250

300,000 Impressions


*All ad sponsorships have full page takeover and synching*

UK Monthly Ad Unit for web


UK Monthly Sponsorship
Rate:  $10,000

Full Wrap Units Include
Placement:                            Unit Size:

Site                                          970 x 90 (leaderboard), 300 x 600 (top), 300 x 250
3x Mobile                               300 x 250

250,000 Impressions Per Month


What People Are Saying About Digiday

“Digiday has quietly become the best source of news/analysis for business of digital media.”
- Rafat Ali, Founder of PaidContent and Skift

“Digiday has quickly become both mirror and conscience to our industry.”
- Doug Weaver, Founder & CEO, Upstream Group 

“If I was the publisher of Advertising Age and/or AdWeek, I would be paying very close attention to the quality of content that the folks over at Digiday have been producing in the past short while. Digiday has really found both a groove and unique voice in the marketing industry by churning out some great content coupled with killer headlines. I’ve gone from grazing their headlines to making the time to deep-dive into their features.”
– Mitch Joel, President, Twist Image

“I’m finding @FastCompany + @Digiday much more relevant to me these days than the typical ad industry trades. Thoughts?”
- Richard Ting, SVP & ECD, Mobile & Social Platforms, R/GA – @flytip

“We were able to put together a fantastic report about the future of digital spending due, in large part, to your information.”
- Craig Knowlton, MRM Worldwide

“I have to say, @Digiday is freaking killing it. Must read stuff every morning. Who says blogging and publishing are dead?”
- Adam Kmiec, Global Head of Digital & Social, Campbell Soup Co. – @adamkmiec

“Digiday is really earning a positive reputation in the marketplace – congrats!”
- Terence Kawaja, President and CEO, LUMA Partners LLC

“Digiday continues to produce the highest quality content coupled with opportunities to engage business peers and clients. The publications are timely, smart and actionable. They are world-class and could not be more pleasant to work alongside. Kudos. Keep up the great work.”
- Lana McGilvray, Principal, Blast PR

Digiday Awarded Influence & Co.’s 2014 “The Game Changer Award”
“Another second-time MVP winner, Digiday captures our attention with its high-quality digital media, advertising, and marketing content. With nine learning events, including the Agency Summit, this publishing platform provides valuable experiences for marketers to change and innovate the industry.”

Digiday named in the 2014 Inc. 500|5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America

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