NYU takes admitted engineering students on a virtual tour of Mars

For the Class of 2020 at New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering, the sky is really the limit. The school is taking its latest crop of newly admitted students on a virtual tour of Mars, with 2,000 students within the U.S. receiving a VR cardboard device named Tandon Vision alongside their admission packets. The device is accompanied by instructions for downloading a smartphone app that the school has specifically created to enable the experience. It’s a nod not only to the growing popularity of both virtual and augmented reality, but also lets NYU use the technology as a powerful tool for engaging with with both newly admitted as well as prospective students in the years ahead. “It’s really important for us to engage with both students and their parents when they are trying to make a decision,” Elizabeth Ensweiler, Tandon’s director of enrollment management, told Digiday.