WTF is Omnichannel?


Wait, weren’t we just getting the hang of multichannel marketing? Pitching consumers on their multidevice, multiplatform digital paths to purchase was complicated enough. Now comes omnichannel—marketing’s newest, most superlative buzzword.

Omnichannel might feel more like a platonic ideal, but brands are making serious strides toward achieving a working reality. As always, there are hurdles—cost, complexity, data and delivery—but we’re not starting from scratch.

In this WTF Quick Read you’ll learn:

  • What makes omnichannel “omnichannel,” and not multichannel.
  • How retailers like Target, Starbucks and Nordstrom are cleverly identifying customers online and in stores.
  • The four major hurdles keeping us from omnichannel success and how brands are overcoming them.

And much more. Download this WTF Quick Read and become an omnichannel expert in fifteen minutes or less.

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