In the 21st century, humanity’s most prolific effluvia is data—buying preferences, Internet search histories, playlists, photos, and friend networks are all translated into 1s and 0s. And that data is being collected in “The Cloud.”

For marketers, it’s a treasure trove at once inspiring and terrifying. For legacy software companies and data management platforms, helping marketers put that trove to use is the biggest business opportunity of this age.

They’re calling it the “Marketing Cloud.” Problem is, much like the ad tech industry before them, these providers have created deep market confusion with their wide array of offerings, infinitely branded plug-ins, and promises of subtle, shaded advantage.

Download this guide and learn:

  • The four essential elements of the marketing cloud and what they do.
  • Why security issues are more complicated than they seem.
  • Why creatives dabbling in tech give the IT department hives.
  • And how to define 50-plus key marketing cloud terms.

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