We grade everything these days: restaurants, hotels, even attractiveness (Thanks, Tinder!). So why has it taken us so long to grade our programmatic partners, the players keeping our automated transactions running day-in, day-out?

Over 600 professionals on both sides of the buy/sell divide had the chance to grade their partners across a number of areas – open markets, PMP and advance bidding/header bidding. The need for this review was clear: Programmatic (mainly open marketplace) buying is now claiming the bulk of digital budgets, averaging about 46 percent of spending to become the major allocation.

Here’s what you’ll learn from our review:

– How publishers and buyers grade their programmatic partners. What are the problem areas and what opportunities are there for improvement?

– How do publishers and buyers view the effectiveness of private marketplaces? How do they each score their experiences and what strategies are working best?

– Why is advance bidding/header bidding emerging as a growing trend? What are the challenges and the upside potential for publishers?

All that and more in this crucial State of the Industry report. Download it now.