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There was once a time when brands entrusted their automated ad spend to media agencies and trading desks, unaware of widespread deception in the form of rebates and incentives. But since this revelation of systemic abuses, brands have begun taking back the reins when it comes to programmatic advertising, opting to instead handle their ad spend themselves.
And with household names such as American Express, L’Oréal, and Netflix taking their programmatic operations in-house, an increasing number of brands are now wondering: should we do the same? And more importantly: what does this entail?
In this guide you will learn:
•Insider tips on how to source and scout the best talent for programmatic operations
•The lowdown on all things tech, including which technology models are best suited for your specific in-house programmatic needs
•How in-house programmatic advertising can lead to greater visibility and reach, as well as closer publisher partnerships
•Greater insight into various possible challenges — and how to avoid or overcome them
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