Worth Reading: Martin Sorrell on Paid Content, Social Media


WPP CEO Martin Sorrell is apt to speak his mind. He’s on a bit of a roll recently, giving a view of the media landscape that alternates between hopeful and pessimistic, depending on the area. He’s got many qualms when it comes to ad-supported digital media models. “The problem with the Internet is there’s so much of it,” he told Newsweek. “It’s highly fragmented, and most of it’s for free. Consumers must pay for content if they value it.” On the plus side, Sorrell sees social media permeating the agency landscape for the better, particularly in PR. He told Thomas Crampton, one of his employees at Ogilvy 360, in a video interview that “it permeates everything we do.” With Facebook the equivalent of the world’s third largest country, social media is “getting scale but the potential is even bigger scale.”

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