Worth Reading: Don’t Blame Agency Trading Desks

Agency trading desks are in the spotlight following Digiday’s close look at the model on Monday. There are good arguments in favor of programmatic ad buying, particularly as an alternative to the role traditionally played by ad networks. The question is whether the agency trading desk business model aligns with the essential role agencies play as unbiased stewards of client budgets.
VivaKi managing director of EMEA Marco Bertozzi doesn’t think the business model is the real trouble with trading desks. The real trouble, he writes on his blog, is with ad networks that haven’t brought enough value to the system, at least compared to their margins.
Lets balance off this debate a little and ask who the main protagonists are in the debate, perhaps there are people out to protect their business models. I will say that our clients are getting better results, more transparency and better control of their data. Does not sound too bad to me.
Bertozzi doesn’t really address the concerns clients have about the issue of double-dipping and mandates, instead making the case that trading desks are far preferable to ad networks.
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