Take the Ad Tech Confusion Quiz

Online advertising is hopelessly confusing. Agency staffers and clients say it’s nearly impossible for them to decipher exactly what it is many ad tech and media vendors in the market actually do, and that’s mostly the fault of those companies themselves.

Vendors make little attempt to differentiate themselves, instead opting to use vague, unspecific language to describe their products and offerings. Maybe that’s because their products and technologies have broad applications and they don’t want to pigeonhole themselves, or perhaps it’s because being vague makes it easier to pivot if and when they need to.

To illustrate the point, Digiday created the vendor quiz. See if you can identify which companies make the claims below. It’s a tough one, and there are no prizes, but if you’re hitting six or more out of 10, then it might be a sign you’ve been in advertising technology too long.

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