The Signal: Zynga Pushes into Mobile

Zynga Continues Push Into Mobile: The Facebook gaming giant has had its eyes set on mobile for quite some time. To fix that, Zynga just purchased Wonderland Software, developers of GodFinger, which was published by ngmoco. While Zynga won’t end up with GodFinger, Wonderland is a strong studio based in the UK that can expand Zynga’s reach in mobile. With the experience of already developing a freemium game with such a high user base, it should be expected that this studio will be doing more than porting existing Zynga games over to mobile. VentureBeat


Google’s Flexible Android Breeds Trouble: Baidu, the Chinese search engine, is doing everything in its power to push Google search off of Android in China. As the platform allows for manufacturers to customize quite a bit on the platform, such as the default search provider, this play could really hurt Google, which makes its mobile billions off of the search traffic generated by its free operating system. Whether this will pass through the new wall of regulations that Google has put in place to prevent further bastardization of the platform is a valid question, but it’s unlikely due to the fact that it won’t really impact user experience of the device, and the user can easily switch the search engine back to Google. TheNextWeb


Fring Group Video Chat: FaceTime was an awesome addition to the iPhone and even Mac, but it lacked the ability to talk with other devices and only provided a one to one connection. The service which provides access to multiple chat protocols and offers video connectivity across multiple platforms has now added a four-way feature, allowing true group video chat. Engadget


Square Lands Visa Investment: While Square is doing quite well with it’s funding, the investment from Visa, which represents two-thirds of the transactions that use Square, is a step forward in strategic partnership. Square received funding from J.P. Morgan Chase as well, which says a lot for the mobile transaction service. The idea of swiping a credit card through a mobile phone may scare many, but with Visa and Chase backing the company, it should speak volumes for its security and the future of the service. TechCrunch


Steve Jobs: Rebel Scum: If you’re both a Star Wars fan and an Apple fanboy, yesterday was your lucky day. Society 6 released an iPhone case replicating the legendary image of Han Solo frozen in carbonate, but this version is with Steve Jobs cryogenically frozen. The case is raised and not simply an image, so it could be awkward feeling Jobs’s frozen hand against your thigh in your pocket, but then again, this case is for a different bread of geek. Society 6 has plenty of awesome cases, unfortunately due to a cease and desist, they had to remove this one. TUAW
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