The Signal: NBC Live App Missing Only TV

NBC Live, Social TV for the iPad: The NBC Live app launched today and definitely confused a handful of users expecting it to be a streaming experience. Instead, the app offers a social counterpart to the broadcast television that you’re watching. NBC has clearly embraced the fourth screen with this move, instead of just streaming their content to it (which, they technically do through Hulu already), but will consumers take to it? iTunes


Sprint’s Music Store Play: Maybe mobile portals aren’t dead after all. Sprint has announced Sprint Music Plus, which can replace the standard media player on all Android devices and newer Blackberry’s. The store is backed by RealNetworks and offers DMA free MP3 files ranging from 69 cents to $1.29. With Amazon so actively pursuing the Android app space, it has let its music service dwindle. It’s unlikely that Sprint will be the one to fill that gap. Electonista


iPad 2 Goes 3D: Without glasses! Using a technology dubbed Head-Coupled Perspective by the Engineering Human-Computer Interaction Research group, a demo was recently released that takes advantage of the front-facing camera to create real 3D. Did Nintendo just lose their big advantage in the games race? TUAW


Nokia Cutting Back: Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 will do more the oust the Symbian platform from Nokia smartphones, it will do the same for up to 6,000 R&D jobs at Nokia, 38 percent of their global R&D workforce. In perspective, Nokia spent $4.3 billion on R&D in 2010 while Apple only spent $1.78 billion. Although, as many forget, Nokia isn’t only focused on the smartphone game. Bloomberg


Mail Your Instagrams: Instagram is the hot app of the moment. The photo-sharing app offers quick filtering that makes any iPhone user into a bit of a shutterbug. Postagram is a service using the Instagram API that allows users to print their Instagram shots as postcards. Each Postagram costs 99 cents. TechCrunch
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