The Signal: iPhone Gets 4G

China Mobile and Apple Agree: It seems that China Mobile has reached an agreement with Apple about using its 4G technology for iPhones offered by the Chinese mobile services provider. MarketWatch


Tablet Tables: In case you didn’t know, tablets are kind of a big deal. Here are 15 — yes, that’s right, 15 — charts that will tell you everything you need to know about tablets and the tablet market. Business Insider


App for Hipsters: Here is the perfect app for all of your hipster fixed-gear riding friends: Hipster City Cycle. It involves riding your fixed gear through Philadelphia streets and being cool. The Awl


Security Quick Fix: Google has released a fix for the security flaw in Android devices that made people’s contact and calendar information vulnerable to hackers. The fix will roll out automatically without users needing to do anything. All Things D


Bill’s Defense: Bill Gates is not ready to concede that we are in a post-PC world. HuffPo
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