The Signal: iAds Get Their Own App

An App Full of Ads: Want to check out some iAds but can’t quite figure out where to find them? You can now download an app provided by Apple that allows you to view all the iAds in one place. The app is called iAd Gallery and so far only runs natively on the iPhone. It would be interesting to see the statistics on who downloads the app, but we’ll have to wait and see if Apple provides that information.  iTunes


No Buttons on Next iPod Touch?: Leaked screenshots have surfaced of what looks to be the next iPod Touch. What’s interesting about this design is that there’s no button on it, just the home symbol usually on the button. It’s not unrealistic to expect that Apple would like to rid their device of all buttons, and the technology for a capacitive home button is exactly the same as the screen. It would be a nice new change for all the iDevices. TechCrunch


Can’t Copy Every Trend: Everyone wants to be the next Angry Birds, but World Wrestling Entertainment decided to take that literally. WWE Superstar Slingshot for the iPhone is a clone of Angry Birds but with WWE wrestlers to launch at your opponent, who is barricaded in obstacles. What’s even worse than that is that the app costs $1 more than Angry Birds. Wonder what Rovio thinks about this.  iTunes


Privacy Issues Go Federal: With the speed that the app markets have been moving at, for a lot of users privacy is a secondary thought. For the government, it seems that it’s higher up on their agenda. Federal prosecutors in New Jersey are digging into issues related to many apps of both small and large user base capturing and sharing user information without obtaining their consent. This could turn into something major or go nowhere. We’ll have to see where it goes from there. WSJ


Woz on Tablets: At a recent press conference, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak voiced his opinion about the device. Woz states that tablets are more like TVs: they’re for the normal people, not the tech elite. And when two iPads cost the price of one TV, it can sound like a better deal for the family of the future.  ComputerWorld
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