The Signal: China is Really into the iPad

iPad2 Pandemonium: Customers went crazy at the Beijing SanLiTun Apple store during the iPad 2 launch. The details of the scuffle are unclear, but it seems that four people were injured. People need to calm down. There are enough iPad2’s for everyone. Apple will make sure of that. Business Insider


Joe Hewitt Says Bye to Facebook: Esteemed mobile developer Joe Hewitt announced that he is leaving Facebook after four years. He created the Facebook iPhone app. Hewitt described an amicable departure from FB on his personal blog. TechCrunch


T-Mobile Losses: Things aren’t looking good for T-Mobile: the mobile carrier reported a record loss of subscribers in the first three months of the year.  Will this mean that AT&T’s deal to buy T-Mobile, the smallest of our four national mobile carriers, will be more likely to be approved? HuffPo


Big is the New Small: Samsung’s new Android device, the Infuse 4G is big, really big; this is to support its 4.5-inch super AMOLED display. Guess what? It bundled with a copy of Angry Birds, complete with hidden level only available to Infuse owners. Check out Wired’s review of this new smartphone-tablet hybrid. Wired


Parking App: Hate circling around and around and around looking for a parking spot? Well now there’s an app that could help with that. The app was developed in San Francisco and is called SFPark. The only concern is that just like texting and driving is dangerous, so is using an app and driving. We’ll see how viable this app is, although I’m sure a lot of New Yorkers would appreciate it. NYT
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