The Signal: Bing’s Surprising iPad Popularity

Bing Claims Top Free iPad App: The Bing app for the iPad is a glorified version of You can also set the default search engine for your iPad to be The app has a fantastic interface, but at its core it’s all around search. Perhaps it’s the stylish design, the articles at the bottom of the app, or sheer confusion from people who don’t understand what Bing is still. Either way, you should see this for yourself. iTunes
Flipboard for Video: Vodpod has launched an interesting app that focuses specifically on video from all of your social networking sources, including the Vodpod network. The presentation is nice, but considering video is displayed in Flipboard and the other social magazines, this seems very limited. What is interesting and important to note is they have already decided how they’re going to monetize the app. Cost-per-view click-to-play ads and even a subscription model. It will be interesting to see where this leads. TechCrunch
Manufacturers Get Handsy With Android Market: Sony Ericsson is following the lead of what Verizon and T-Mobile have already done: it’s invading the Android Market. While on-deck is effectively dead as a place to advertise in smartphones, both manufacturers and carriers are providing curated channels of apps in their subsection of the app store, relegated to its specific line of devices. Perhaps this is the new direction of on-deck. Engadget
T-Mobile Data Plan Throttling: In what seems to be a bold move pre-AT&T acquisition, T-Mobile is offering lower pricing and what appears to be a throttled data plan. After 2GB of data, your connection isn’t cut nor is the overage charged individually to you, it’s just throttled. It will be interesting to see to what degree they slow the connection and if streaming services will work at all, but at least you can still get your email. TmoNews
Don’t Count Out webOS: The original Palm Pre was sharp (literally) and the operating system was fantastic — few will disagree with that — but the device didn’t catch on that well. Fast-forward to today, there’s a video showing a demonstration of webOS 3.0 that will be used on Palm/HP’s new tablet, and it’s safe to say that this could be the most attractive mobile operating system besides Apple’s. Look out Android. GigaOm
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