The Signal: Apple Sues Samsung

Apple Sues Samsung: It’s hard to look at the Samsung Galaxy line of phones and tablets without immediately thinking of an iPhone and iPad, so it’s no wonder why Apple is filing suit against them. Samsung, which is a prominent supplier of parts for Apple across all its platforms, has made their devices and interface look incredibly similar and provided a modified version of Android which even mimics the same app layout and styling. The effects of this lawsuit will undoubtedly impact the entire relation and could easily lead to future Apple product delays. AllThingsD


Grooveshark Circles Google: After being removed from the official Android Market by Google for possibly violating copyright law, Grooveshark has popped back up on its own. Grooveshark is a music search engine that allows for streaming music and a cloud service for listening to music as well. To download the app, visit the following link from your Android device. AT&T users are out of luck as they can’t install from “unknown sources.” Grooveshark


Never Say Never With Apple: Harry McCracken over at Technologizer takes an interesting look at all the naysayers over the years, since the rumor of the iPhone first popped up. With the new rumors that Apple is interested in making HDTVs, this definitely changes perspective when it comes to making assumptions about Apple’s potential actions. Technologizer


ABC News Video Books: For $7.99 you too can own your very own video book of the royal wedding and many more. ABC has teamed up with Vook to provide a video bookstore, with “stories” that come across as a book with a good number of videos in it. There’s at least one other book offered at this point, but the app doesn’t provide a decent feel for what the experience is prior to the in app purchase. When compared to an app, $7.99 is rather expensive, but as an interactive e-book, it’s fairly priced. iTunes


Quo Vadis RIM: With its tablet floundering and smartphone share dwindling, RIM is really in trouble. Having lost 5 percent of the smartphone market share this past year and holding on to only 1 million more devices sold since Apple, despite its 8 year head start, the company has nothing unique to offer anyone but a company’s IT department. John Biggs reflects on where RIM has been over the years, what their strong points are, and what is needed to keep its platform alive. MobileCrunch
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