The Signal: Apple Gets Fit

Apple Gets Fit: Forget utilizing the dozens of amazing apps out there that help users monitor their health and exercise, Apple has filed a patent showing its intent to do so on its own. The concept seems pretty robust and could create a strong social/competitive structure around working out, along with pre and post activities. It doesn’t seem to be focusing on the person who works out by themselves, but more those going to the gym, allowing for potential partnerships. It kinda looks like Foursquare for the gym. Patently Apple


Android is Heavy on Free Apps: Analytics provider Distimo has revealed that the Android Market has nearly 15,000 more free apps than the Apple App store. This is the first time that Android has had more free apps than Apple and the reason has been made clear by many ad networks that work on both platforms. Free apps with ads are a more successful revenue generator on Android than paid apps are. With the hard user interface and system used to purchase apps, it’s not surprising that free apps are the obvious choice for Android users. Distimo


Push Pop Press Changes Interactive Publishing: Former Apple engineers Kimon Tsinteris and Mike Matas have released their first app under the name Push Pop Press, Al Gore’s Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis. There have been plenty of interactive e-books, but this offering and the company behind it definitely stand out. Users can manipulate the size of any content in the book, find detailed background information about it, and more. It’s much easier and more impressive to see it with your own eyes. Push Pop Press


iPad Dominates Tablet Market: According to research firm Canalys, Apple lays claim to 74 percent of the tablet market. Not surprising as the competitors thus far have been built on half-baked operating systems not quite meant for tablet use. With counting iPads as computers, Apple sits snuggly at the third ranking. But with Steve Jobs referring to it as a post-PC device, is that appropriate, especially considering a PC is needed to even get it started. Fortune


Ebay and PayPal Continue Acquisition Spree: Apparently acquiring Where last week wasn’t enough. Paypal has just acquired FigCard, a service that allows merchants to accept mobile payments through USB. The customers interact with the app on their device to finalize the payment, which when adding Paypal as a payment type, could be a very powerful system. The competition in this space is fierce, especially with all the movement over at Square, but Paypal’s strategy is strong and their choices may move the company forward faster than most expect. TechCrunch
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