The Feed: Tweeting for Big Dough

U.K. Government Going Social:  Want to work in civil service, but get paid a lot more than most civil servants do and get to play around on social media sites all day? U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron is looking to hire a ‘Twitter Tsar’ to improve the government’s online presence. The Executive Director of Digital (the official job title) will apparently earn £142,000 a year – only £500 less than the Prime Minister himself. It really is insane that social media managing has become a whole new job category over the past few years. Social media has really permeated all areas life—people young and old across the globe use social media sites everyday; stores, restaurants, companies, brands have Facebook pages and Twitter accounts; the Pope released an iPhone and Facebook app; the Bronx zoo Egyptian cobra has a Twitter account; and now governments are embracing social media. Get ready for the age of the Twitter Tsar. Daily Mail


Twitter Terror Alerts: Speaking of social media everything, U.S. Homeland Security is planning to use Twitter and Facebook to announce certain terror alerts, which will no longer be using color codes, but instead will only be in two levels: elevated and imminent. We’ll have to wait and see how well this all goes over…@homeland security: jk about that last imminent terrorist attack warning lol! Yahoo


Tumblr of the Day: Dreamy lo-fi pics to gaze at instead of doing work. It’s OK, it’s only Monday. Ultra Low Oxygen

Communication Breakthrough of the Day: Tired of texting? Try this new invention, the phone!


Nerdy Nuptials: Geeks can be romantic too. Just look at these Pokemon and Harry Potter proposals. (Is it weird that I would be really excited about either one?). The Daily What
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