The Feed: Social Media for the Lethargic


There Are Others: Finally, a social network for people who don’t care about social networks! It’s called groupmeh and it is a self-described “revolutionary, game-changing social network for the tragically apathetic.” The only thing is, when I hit the “Sign Up” button, along with entering my email, I was prompted to enter my reason for wanting to sign up. Didn’t care enough to type in a reason. Oh well.


Digitizing Corpses: Not sure I completely understand what is going on here, but it’s pretty weird, and I like it. Project 12:31 used the digital images of the corpse of Texas killer Joseph Paul Jernigan from the Visible Human Project to create some spooky new images. Wired

According to James Franco: Ironic actor (see his stint on General Hospital), creative writer, and now apparently social media expert James Franco says that social media is over. Don’t know if you’re right about this one, Franco. HuffPo


More Celebs Telling You What They Think: Jay-Z just launched a lifestyle website Life and Times. Be careful Jay-Z, Gwenyth Paltrow’s likability went WAY down after she started her obnoxious site GOOP. Gawker


Video of the Day: Snookimania!
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