Rise of the DMP

BlueKai, one of the world’s largest marketplaces for audience data, announced on Thursday that it had landed five of the Fortune 15 companies  as clients in the last six months.

“Our goal is to provide the data, technology and analytics that helps the trading desk perform better on behalf of their clients,” said CEO Omar Tawakol. “Another goal is to drive transparency and accountability into the advertising ecosystem.”

BlueKai integrates audience data from Acxiom, Bizo, Datalogix, IXI, Nielsen, Polk and Targus Info, covering 300 million uniques. BlueKai’s competitors in the increasingly crowded data management space include BrightTag, Exelate, and Demdex. Data management platforms have become increasingly popular as marketers, seeking a user-friendly overview of multi-attribution analytics, crm data and real-time bidding on display, look to centralized data management solutions.
“Marketers need to understand their audiences through customer interactions across multiple channels,” said Jon Ingalls, gm of BlueKai. “The most progressive marketers are maximizing both audience and campaign performance data as a way to drive marketing spend.”
According to the company, 90 percent of the top 10 ad networks utilize the BlueKai Exchange along with all major Internet portals, agency trading desks and DSPs.
“The rise in DMPs, like BlueKai, will mean the continued rise in data exchanges,” said Tawakol. “Progressive marketers will continue to leverage the power of a data exchange not only for prospecting at scale, but also to drive additional knowledge on their target audience.”
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