Reading List: Mary Meeker’s Data Dump

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The Meeker Report Drops: Need some handy stats for your next digital media presentation? Mary Meeker, the longtime Internet analyst now with Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, has unleashed her exhaustive compendium on digital media. The trends are what you thought they were: more mobile, more digital, more social, and more global. One interesting addition to her “next big things” is online audio, an oft-overlooked but booming market that’s ripe for ad support. Meeker returns to the canard of a chart showing the gap between time spent and budget spent in various media. Silicon Valley never tires of this graph, using it to justify all sorts of crazy valuations. The problem is advertisers and agencies, who, after all, are the ones who make the spending decisions, don’t think the two numbers should necessarily be the same. Scribd — Brian Morrissey @bmorrissey 
Long Live Yahoo: Yahoo didn’t implode Tuesday after announcing its third-quarter profits. Even if Carol Bartz was right about the management being a bunch of (insert expletive here), Yahoo’s display sales rose 4.9 percent in the second quarter. The company might not even be critically injured, although it has emerged from recent executive reshuffling a little bloodied. According to the numbers, U.S. web users spent 9.9 percent of their time on Yahoo, compared with 10.2 percent on Google. That’s an advantage for Google, but it’s a slim one. Despite its reputation as a brilliant yet troubled genius, the company may yet reenter the ring – or find a wealthy benefactor like Microsoft to permanently support its efforts to find itself. BusinessWeek — Carla Rover @carlarover
Apple’s Newsstand Breathing New Life into The Daily?: reports that after one week, News Corp.’s beleaguered iPad newspaper The Daily was the top-selling publication in Apple’s just-launched Newsstand. While it’s early, maybe Newsstand is just the discovery engine The Daily needed. At a New York Tech Council event in New York on Tuesday, several publishers raved about the impact Newsstand has had on their tablet sales in just a few days. Seems that maybe magazine apps are benefiting from a strength-in-numbers effect. Perhaps The Daily can draft upon that and stage a comeback. Forbes— Mike Shields @digitalshields
Spotify Gains Early Audience Traction: After months of delays and frenzied media hype, Spotify finally launched in the U.S. this summer. Just three months in, the freemium music service has already amassed a decent user base, attracting 2.4 million visitors in September according to comScore. Though the viability of the ad-funded portion of the service remains in question, a sizeable audience is a prerequisite for its success, and it’s off to a good start. ComScore – Jack Marshall. @JackMarshall

Not-So-Funny Pages: It didn’t require any super powers for Barnes & Noble and Books-a-Million stores to make hard copies of DC Comics disappear from the shelves after the publisher inked an exclusive deal with Amazon for digital rights to graphic novels. Athough it’s not the first time Amazon has tried to bully publishers, the move could signal the beginning of a full-scale publishing turf war, pitting Amazon’s Kindle Fire against other e-tailers and brick and mortars. NYT — Anne Sherber
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