Mobile is the New Constant Companion

Separation Anxiety: Is your glowing smartphone screen the first and last thing you set eyes on everyday? Then you are not alone, especially if you are a mobile worker. A report from iPass has come up with some pretty depressing digital-era stats that reflect an overall over-attachment to our smartphones (especially among younger people) and an inability to separate home and work, so much so that even our sleep is compromised by work-related smartphone use. Technology and the 24/7 connectedness that they have enabled have blurred the lines between work hours and personal time; especially if you work in digital media, you feel even more obligated to be reachable and responsive at all times (at least I do). This is one of the really unfortunate side effects of living in a digital world: we are all working overtime and have smartphones surgically attached to our palms. Ugh. GigaOm

Creepy App of the Day: Here is another creepy location-based app that lets you overshare and does all the legwork for stalkers. It’s called Arrived. As the name suggests, it lets people know where you have arrived, whether it’s an airport, a frozen yogurt store or somewhere else. Its angle on the whole check-in thing is the idea of a “soft plan.” Arrived lets people make soft plans by letting you select a destination and a list of people to notify when you get to said destination; that way these people you have selected can drop by where you are. The people selected can either opt in to be notified or to notify you upon their arrival. Sounds like more of the same creepiness to me. TechCrunch

Memevolution: Here is a chart that tracks the rise and inevitable fall of Internet memes. Enjoy. Cracked


Video of the Day: This is no Catfish scenario, she’s the real deal: watch child paint prodigy Aelita Andre create beautiful abstract paintings. Aelita is 4 years old. That’s right, 4. She is going to have her first solo show in New York City at the Agora Gallery in Chelsea. Feeling pretty inadequate now, thanks Aelita. The Daily What


Tumblr of the Day: Check out this guy’s personal humor blog. He’s got a good collection of funny pics and gifs. Flying Scotsman
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