Googling Mobile Data

Google dipped into its trove of data to compile a bunch of stats on the state of mobile. While it’s clearly in Google’s interests to trumpet mobile, the research points in the direction that mobile is the next big digital ad opportunity.
According to the “Mobile Movement” research, mobile ads are effective. About 82 percent of smartphone users notice mobile ads. Fantastic, but why aren’t the click-throughs higher? Google makes it clear that while these users are mindful of the ads they come across, the larger value for mobile is that 71 percent of smartphone users are engaging in mobile search because of any ad, online or offline, that they’ve come across and 74 percent act on the search by making a purchase. Bottom line: It’s not about advertising on mobile, it’s about being accessible on mobile.
These devices are attached at our hips. The amount of time users spend on their phones continues to increase rapidly. They are companion devices, with 72 percent of users who interact with their device while consuming other media.
Brands should take advantage of the high volume of mobile search that’s going on. It’s simple, considering that web and mobile search are exactly the same. The key to cashing in on this is making sure that the page the user lands on is optimized for mobile. Just as brands tailor a web experience for different browsers and for flash/non-flash experiences, mobile should be on the agenda as part of web development. It’s another browser, it doesn’t require the attention an app does.
Speaking of apps, due to the fact that content from an app can’t be searched on the web, this endorses the “mobile web first” mindset. Adapting existing content to be accessible from a smartphone makes it that much easier for the 77 percent of mobile users who are performing a search on their smartphone. Compare the amount of effort and resources required to adjust the webpage for mobile to the cost of developing a mobile app, with only 68 percent of smartphone users even interested in apps, and the ROI should be crystal clear.
Google put together a video summarizing the findings.
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