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Does the PR industry have a bright future in the content creation game? Why Are so many media planners female? We tackled these questions, and so much more, in the most read stories on Digiday this week. Check them out:

1. PR Nudges Its Way to the Content Table
PR agencies argue they have the skills needed to help brands create content. Not everyone sees it that way.

2. Meet the Most Important Agency Person
Agency CEO? Trading desk exec? Innovation officer? Guess again.

3. The One Brand That Dares To Tweet About Trayvon Martin
Fashion and activist brand The Illuminati has been tweeting rather bluntly about the controversial murder trial.

4. Why Are So Many Media Planners Female?
Agencies admit most digital planners and buyers are female, but say they don’t know why.

5. Why Brands Don’t Sweat Social ROI
They can’t tie social activity sales, but that’s not a big concern.

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