Wendy’s Will Sing Your Tweets In Praise of Burgers

Wendy’s has invented what it’s calling the “pretzel bacon cheeseburger,” and now the fast food chain is asking its customers to sing the sandwich’s praises. Literally.

As part of its “pretzel love song” campaign for the new burger, Wendy’s is turning tweets from fans into power ballad jingles. The idea for the campaign came about when the restaurant tested its pretzel bacon cheeseburger in a few select markets, resulting in an outcry from burger gourmands who couldn’t find the sandwich at their local Wendy’s.

The chain knew it had to do something with this organic fan social media buzz, and hence the burger ballad crowdsourcing campaign was born: Wendy’s is asking fans to use the hashtag #PretzelLoveSongs to wax poetic on Facebook and Twitter about their love for the new burger. The most entertaining, creative comments will be used as song lyrics for four different funny power ballads about the pretzel bacon cheeseburger. (A sample tweet from @LukeyDuda: “I wanna stand with Pretzel burger on a mountain, I wanna bathe with pretzel burger in the sea, wanna eat like this 4eva.”)

“Jimmy Kimmel has a skit on his show where he has celebrities sing the tweets of other celebrities, and once we saw an episode where Josh Groban sang Kanye West tweets, and that’s kind of where the idea came from,” explained Wendy’s svp of corporate communications, Denny Lynch. “The creative people at VML put it all together and had the idea to put the tweets to song.”

Wendy’s will be picking fans’ tweets and comments all summer to create four songs and music videos, which will be sung by professional musicians and vocalists. Nick Lachey – former reality show star and member of the boy band 98 Degrees – will sing the final song. Lachey performed his own songs and, winkingly, a few fan tweets live at a Wendy’s branch in New York to launch the campaign yesterday.

Watch the promo video for the campaign here, then if the spirit moves you, tweet your own burger ballad:

Image via Wendy’s

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