The 2014 Lexus, Filtered Through Instagram

To promote the new Lexus 2014 IS, the automaker may have come up the coolest branded Instagram video yet – but it isn’t one of the 15 second clips you may be familiar with.

LexusInstafilm” is a short clip that stitches together individual snapshots of the car by 212 Instagram users. The result is a stop-motion-style film, cobbled together one filtered frame at a time.

“We wanted to feature the vehicle in a unique way and knew it had to be something that spoke to the brand’s focus on design and technology while reaching a younger and tech-savvy audience,” said Brian Bolain, corporate marketing manager at Lexus.

What is impressive is how quickly Lexus, with the help of agency Team One, was able to create the film with so many participants. Each Instagram photographer got to choose which frame of the film they wanted to shoot, and each got a specific hashtag to use for their frame.

“After editing their shot with their individual style, the participant shared it on Instagram with their unique hashtag, which allowed us to easily sequence the images,” explained Molly Grubbs, associate creative director at Team One. “By staying true to the way Instagrammers naturally use the platform, we were able to harness the creativity of a large group of people to produce the film in a single afternoon.”

You can see each individual Instagram shot that makes up the film on Lexus’ Instafilm Instagram account.

And the result of their being stitched together, “LexusInstafilm,” here:

Image via Instagram/@holmanindustries
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